About Us

imageIt was my father, Bob McKune, who introduced me to drones in 2013.  He was 82 years of age at the time.  I helped him put together and fly his first drone - a DJI Phantom 1.  We recognized the public service and commercial benefits of aerial imagery, and we applied for an FAA Section 333 Excemption for those reasons.  We always believed in doing things by the book - and still do.  In April 2016, the FAA granted Exemption 16596 to me.

We had both long enjoyed photography, and he had instilled a love of drones, flying, and the unique perspectives that aerial imagery brings.  On August 29, 2016, the FAA Part 107 regulations for flying drones commercially became law.  I studied for and passed the required FAA exam.

imageHere we are flying Dad's first drone in the spring of 2013.  How many 82 year olds have you seen flying drones?

Doing Drones Right

Drones are fascinating devices, and there are a number of folks out there who fly for fun, but cross the line when it comes to safety and commercial use.  While the FAA regulations provide for those flying for recreation as modelers under Section 336, the FAA has made it clear that even modelers and those flying drones as a hobby must follow safety regulations, and cannot fly in furtherance of a business, even if there is no compensation (see our FAQ page).  McKune Air is commercially licensed, and follows all FAA flight and safety regulations.

Would you like us to speak to your group regarding drones?  Please contact us - we would love to present to your group.